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Hay Australia aspires to partner leading dairy and beef farmers and equine businesses throughout the world through commitment to its role as a reliable producer of quality fodder for the export market.

To achieve that goal, Hay Australia aims to align itself with quality fodder producers. Producers who understand the hay market and have high standard of farming practises and consistently deliver premium fodder for the export market.

Hay Australia aims to be a key business partner with oaten hay importers across the North Asian and Middle Eastern Regions, providing high quality fodder to a growing range of customers.

Hay Australia also recognises that cornerstone to the success of a quality export business is having a strong base of reliable, high quality hay producers.

Through its existing network of customers, the logistical and processing capabilities to handle large volumes, Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1.31.23 pmcombined with an existing, high value, robust market, Hay Australia is well positioned to minimise the risk and maximise returns to both its growers and customers.