Hay Australia Products

Australian Oaten Hay

Australian oaten hay is highly demanded by the global market as a reliable, high quality fodder that meets animal production requirements.

The hay provided to customers is specially selected to conform to the quality and safety requirements as specified by the customer. All products supplied are ARGT and feed value tested.

The produce is compressed into 22-24kg half-cut bales and 44-48kg full bales for containerising and shipping to its customers destination.

For bale sizes and container configuration, please refer to Loading Configuration tab.

Wheaten Hay

High quality wheaten hay can be supplied for use as a fibre replacement for oaten hay where directed by a nutritionist or trainer.

The wheaten hay is made from the Baroota Wonder variety, which is well recognised as a dedicated wheat variety for making wheaten chaff for the equine industry.

Wheaten Straw

Wheaten straw for fodder substitution is a common by-product of the extensive wheat industry in Western Australia. Clean, bright wheaten straw free from moulds or weather damage can be supplied to customer requirements.

Bedding straw

Long wheaten straw (>50cm in length) suitable for horse bedding can be supplied with customers pre-ordering quantities required.