HACCP Management Policy

Hay Australia is an agribusiness that specialises in producing hay products that meet the needs of our customers

We are committed to ensuring that our products and service exceed the expectations of our customers;

Our food safety, quality systems and processes are transparent and accountable and thereby enable both us and our customers to verify and trace the ingredients and the processes we use.

To demonstrate our commitment to these objectives, a quality assurance protocol which complies with appropriate regulations has been adopted by Hay Australia.  This process has been designed to satisfy the requirements of the HACCP Quality Code.

The quality assurance process will allow for the certification of all fodder processed at Hay Australia, and ensures that our products do not fall below the acceptable quality standard required by consumers.

Our regular internal audits in connection with external independent specialised evidence, our continued performance against the standards to which we are committed.

Through our delivery on our Quality Commitment we will develop and ensure and enduring confidence in Hay Australia and our products, strengthening relationships with customers both within Australia and overseas.

Hay Australia has three levels of providing quality assurance and ensuring the delivery of a quality product to its markets.